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A MUST Read!

The following are some random thoughts that I feel people should consider!


Why are people living longer and yet at the same time the quality of life is declining?

Why are people getting sicker and sicker?

In the last 50 years cancer has increased 30%, type II diabetes has become epidemic in our society, as well as arthritis, osteoporosis, depression, insomnia, and fatigue just to name a few. More and more children are being diagnosed with these maladies as well as ADD, ADHD, depression and severe acne than ever before!

Why do you think this is so?

When imbalance occurs, we suffer the consequences of disease: low energy, fatigue, poor digestion, excess weight, foggy thinking, aches and pains, and many major disorders!

It should be evident that we live in a country in which most people are doing the wrong things when it comes to health!

Most of the population is tired, obese, and aging prematurely.

At least 80% of Americans are, or knows someone who suffers from heart disease, cancer or diabetes. (Do you?)

50% of all Americans will die from heart disease or diabetes and 33% will die from cancer.

Heart disease, cancer and diabetes are ALL diet induced! That means they can all be avoided or reversed by proper diet!

The U.S. population in the year 2000 was approx 276 million, with 125 million of them living with at least one chronic health condition!

60 million Americans live with multiple chronic conditions.

2.5 – 3 million women and 750,000 men live with as many as 5 chronic conditions!

What a SAD commentary for the wealthiest and most prosperous nation in the world!

For most people, weight management is more about what you eat and not how much you eat!

Example: people aren’t over weight from eating too many salads or too much fruit, or drinking too much water!

“…adult Americans who do not smoke or drink excessively, ONE personal choice seems to influence long-term health more than any other — what we eat”.

Surgeon General’s Report on Health & Nutrition” 1988

Here we are nearly 20 years later, and we (as a country) haven’t gotten any slimmer or healthier!

In fact, as stated earlier the opposite has occurred!

Although there have been/are MANY diets on the market, most aren’t really addressing the issue in a balanced way for wellness!

Running over waterThere is NO “quick-fix” pill!

Good health and proper weight aren’t about a “diet”—it must become a BALANCED a way of life!

He who does not know food, how can he understand the diseases of man?

Hippocrates, the father of medicine (460 – 357 B. C.)

This is why Americans are getting sicker and sicker! This is why 75%+ of all Americans have a weight management problem!

The people they are seeking their medical advice from, DO NOT understand FOOD!

I’ve been to the hospital visiting people who just had heart surgery and they had a pork chop on their plate, milk and chocolate pudding!

Friend, that’s what put them in the hospital to start with!

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine (460 – 357 B. C.)

This is profound wisdom that was/IS the root to ALL good health!

Our health (good or bad) is largely determined by what we are putting in our mouth!

Your current health condition is largely a result of what you have been eating for the last…..


What is your health worth to you?

Is it worth your:

Time? Do your homework! (Don’t let reading this be the end of your journey.)

Attention? Make wise choices! (Good health is usually 10% knowledge and 90% behavior.)

Money? Spend what’s necessary! (Don’t sell your health short.)

It may seem very hard to believe, but there is basically ONE cause and ONE cure for most illnesses!

The cause: Toxicity and Deficiency!

The cure: Detoxify and Nourish!

Our body is made up of 80+ trillion cells which require constant cleansing of contaminants and constant nourishment for rebuilding.

If these two factors aren’t done on a regular basis, we become susceptible to dis—ease and sickness!

Natural Health is only NATURAL! Drugs and medications are un-natural!

ALL medications are toxic and have adverse side effects!

Our body is designed to heal itself naturally, and will IF properly cared for!

Our bodies are heavily laden with more than they can process, and have too little of the right nutrients.

Poor Choice Good Choice

Coffee/Soda Water

Donut Apple

Cheeseburger Salad

Air Conditioning Fresh Air

Indoors Sunshine

Couch Potato Exercise

A road of happiness? Good health and proper weight management isn’t a rocket-science, it’s about the choices we make!

98% of our body is replaced with new cells every 12 months, the new cells are made of the things we provide our body—coke/water, donuts/fruits and vegetables, etc.

One of the main causes of depression and other emotional imbalances is improper diet.

People aren’t fatigued and lethargic from eating fresh fruits and vegetables! It’s the wrong foods that cause these and many other problems!

Trying to solve an issue without treating the real cause is useless! In other words, treating symptoms isn’t the answer to the medical woes we face today.

Remember, your body is YOUR responsibility and you have a 9th amendment right to self-prescribe!


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