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Candida Got You on the Run?

It is estimated that over 90% of the U.S. population has some degree of Candida overgrowth. What is Candida albicans? It is a yeast organism that normally lives in the body.

If you have candida, in almost every case, you are eating antibiotic–laced foods or taking, or have taken antibiotics. It is that simple. If you want to get rid of it, eat correctly, and eliminate all these unnatural additives. Only take antibiotics when you have an infection that is life threatening or can do you serious harm if you don’t take them. Antibiotic pills and shots cause candidiasis. More drugs won’t correct this problem. Candida causes discomfort, not death like cardiovascular disease and cancer, but discomfort. Doctors can give you a pill to relieve the itching, or a drug to suppress the pain, but they don’t get rid of the problem.

Yeast infections, are a common disorder. It is a disorder of a normal colonic flora constituent growing outside the colon, and can be related to any disorder in any system or organ in which candida albicans is growing, and should not be growing.

Most commonly candida is thought of as relating to vaginal yeast infections, it can be much more. Acne, sinusitis, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, ear infections, sensitivity to smoke and fumes, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, various mental problems and dysfunctions, athletes foot, constipation, diarrhea, coughs and various other problems have been related to candidiasis. Yeast infections are now so common that almost everyone is aware of this problem. They are very routine, troublesome and difficult to treat.

Modern medicine has had almost no success treating this disorder. A big part of the difficulty is that this disease, along with most chronic disorders associated with aging, viral diseases, cancer and autoimmune disorders, does not fit or respond well to the modern medical paradigm. It is a disorder caused by allopathic treatment of disease and cured by right living.

Why does this overgrowth of candida albicans happen? In understanding why it happens, we can see how to approach curing it. Until we gain this understanding, all the treatments are no more than wild guesses. Where the underlying premise is wrong, these guesses are doomed to the total failure we have seen in modern medicines handling of this disease!

Prescription padThe surest way to check a physician’s understanding of this disorder is to ask how they are going to treat it. If they drag out their prescription pad to give you a potion to kill all the yeast, you know that they do not understand the disease. When this happens you know you may have met the type of physician, defined by Descartes over two hundred years ago. “A physician is a person that treats a patient until they die, their money is all gone, or they are cured by nature.” A doctor that does not understand the physiology of candidiasis is likely to be of very little use to you, and may do more harm than good.

When we are born, we’re born with what we call flora (good bacteria) in our digestive tract. The body lays down seven layers of acidophilus and other good bacteria with the help of colostrum to coat and protect the lining of the intestinal tract from parasites, bad bacteria and funguses. This protective coating prevents fungus parasites from leaking through the intestinal lining and infecting the bloodstream.

The negative process is ignited when you take your first wide spectrum antibiotic. It could have been when you were a child. Many young children suffer from frequent ear infections and are often given antibiotics for treatment. In some cases, antibiotics are introduced into a newborn’s bloodstream almost immediately following birth through its mother’s breast milk. This is generally the case for infants who were born through caesareans. Also, when a mother takes antibiotics while carrying her child the antibiotics go through the unborn baby’s system as well.

medicines, pillsWhenever antibiotics are used, they destroy all seven layers of acidophilus and other good flora. We call this leaky gut syndrome. This is when the fungus eats its way through the intestinal lining and enters into the bloodstream. On its way through, it leaves little pinholes behind and in doing so, allows proteins, carbohydrates or fats that are not fully digested to enter into the bloodstream. The immune system reacts and builds antibodies and enzymes to digest and destroy what it considers to be foreign objects or pathogens. Antibiotic use disrupts normal digestion. This causes an overgrowth in fungus in the digestive tract, which kills off good digestive flora leaving the intestinal walls exposed, which then allows fungus to eat its way through the intestinal lining and get into the bloodstream. This disrupts the immune system, which contributes to an autoimmune problem. This autoimmune problem manifests itself in the form of allergies and a mal-absorption of nutrients.

At this point, the fungi proliferate throughout the whole system creating a cascade of different reactions, first of which is a craving for carbohydrates. The brain is a carbohydrate fiend. It utilizes 50 – 80 % of all the carbohydrates we ingest; this is also what the fungus loves to feed off of most, carbs and trace minerals. The problem with this is that once the fungus eats up all the carbohydrates in our bloodstream, the brain starts to crave carbohydrates, and the vicious cycle begins.

The growth of fungus can also occur with steroid or long-term use of birth control pills.

Our society has become a bunch of giant carbohydrate fiends! Again, this creates more reactions within the body. When you eat carbohydrates, your insulin spikes. Insulin is the number one cause of aging (and the number two cause of brain damage). Hence the saying, “the less you eat the longer you live” because you end up not spiking your insulin. Now you have put yourself in the position of unwanted weight gain. When your insulin spikes, you end up storing those carbohydrates, and the fats and proteins that went along with them. That’s why we have a society that's obese.

The problems by no means stop here, however, for the sake of boring you with a lot of technical reading I will go to the cure!

The colon is designed to be easily filled and washed by artificial means. In doing this we can consciously change the levels of bacteria and the ratios of these bacteria. We can remove, most, but not all, of the flora and encourage a new beginning. Those who use colonics to treat disorders like candida, colds or allergies notice an almost instant alteration of symptoms on clearing the colon.

The goal is not to destroy bad guys. It is not to eradicate candida, which is a normal bacterium in the colon. It is to restore balance and function, so that the body can take that new balance and heal itself. A series of colonics along with coconut oil and a good probiotic will usually clear the problem.

Remember, in a normal healthy body, the immune system and “friendly bacteria” keep Candida overgrowth under control. However, in today’s polluted and stressful environment, and with our less than perfect dietary habits; the natural balance of our bodies are disturbed, and consequently we have problems. Want to know where you stand?*


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