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Weight Management

Are you one of the MILLIONS of people who have ridden the merry-go-round of weight management? Try this, try that, take this new amazing pill, or have tried virtually every new fad diet that has come out!?

Here at LIVING WATER Natural Healing & Health Solutions, our approach to weight management is the same as it is with good health. A person shouldn’t address SYMPTOMS! To have lasting results in your health or weight you should always address the cause! Yes, you can always get some results treating a symptom, but not the results you hope for. If you treat a symptom, the cause is still there and will eventually resurface. If you treat the cause, you have eliminated the symptoms!

Excess weight is a symptom not a cause! So, what causes excess weight? Excess weight is usually not caused from overeating! It could be caused from eating too much of the wrong things, but more often than not, it is usually caused from other reasons as discussed below.

Low Thyroid Function — Hypothyroidism

People often tell me, “I’ve had my thyroid checked and the test shows my thyroid is fine.” However, traditional blood tests fail to take into consideration that the adrenals are able to produce small amounts of thyroid hormone. As a result, blood tests may show sufficient levels of thyroid hormone but without indication that these levels could be due to overworked adrenals and an exhausted thyroid. So by the time a blood test confirms a thyroid problem, it is indeed a real problem as the “pinch hitter” adrenals are exhausted too!

Common symptoms of an imbalanced thyroid include:

weight gain and loss


muscle weakness

slow heart rate

heart enlargement

low body temperature

sensitivity to cold

dry course skin

hair loss

difficulties in concentration

impaired memory

slow speech

thick tongue



increased allergies

difficult breathing

high cholesterol levels

fluid retention




decreased sweating

drooping eyelids

gastrointestinal disturbances

and more

There is a natural remedy for thyroid problems (the cause) which in-turn will deal with the symptom (excess weight). With our VoiceBio©™ program we can analyze your body’s balances/imbalances to see if your thyroid is functioning as it should. We also have more information in our office concerning proper thyroid health. Check out the article on this site that deals with the benefits of Coconut Oil and the thyroid.

Low pH — Over Acidification

In a defense maneuver, the body creates fat cells to carry acids away from our vital organs to try to protect them. In one sense, your fat is saving your life! That’s why your body doesn’t want to let it go. When you eat to make your body more basic, your body won’t need to keep that fat around anymore and it simply melts away. We offer a FREE pH test to all our clients when they come to our office. Also, see our complete article on pH balance in our Articles section entitled Acid – Alkaline Balance.

Candida Overgrowth

Candida overgrowth is usually caused from an ingestion of antibiotics from some source or another! Antibiotic use disrupts normal digestion. This causes an overgrowth in fungus in the digestive tract, which kills off good digestive flora leaving the intestinal walls exposed, which then allows fungus to eat its way through the intestinal lining and get into the bloodstream. This disrupts the immune system, which contributes to an autoimmune problem. This autoimmune problem manifests itself in the form of allergies and a mal-absorption of nutrients. At this point, the fungi proliferate throughout the whole system creating a cascade of different reactions, first of which is a craving for carbohydrates.

The brain is a carbohydrate fiend. It utilizes 50 – 80 % of all the carbohydrates we ingest; this is also what fungus loves to feed off of most, carbs and trace minerals. The problem with this is that once the fungus eats up all the carbohydrates in our bloodstream, the brain starts to crave carbohydrates. Food manufacturers love to take advantage of this by enticing us. Just think about it, at the entrance of many grocery stores, all we see and smell are bread, cakes, chocolates, cookies and candies. Our society has become a bunch of giant carbohydrate fiends! Again, this creates more reactions within the body.

When you eat carbohydrates, your insulin spikes. Insulin is the number one cause of aging (and the number two cause of brain damage). Hence the saying, “the less you eat the longer you live,” because you end up not spiking your insulin. In this case it is the excess consumption of carbohydrates that has put you in the position of unwanted weight gain. When your insulin spikes, you end up storing those carbohydrates

That is why we have a society that is obese. With our VoiceBio program we can analyze your body’s balances/imbalances to see if you have a candida overgrowth. We also have more information in our office concerning candida. Also, see our Self Test on Candida on this website.


Just as with improper pH, the body, in a defense maneuver creates fat cells to carry toxins away from our vital organs to try to protect them as mentioned above. Toxins also cause the body to retain water, the more toxins you consume the more water you retain and the more fat your body produces in its own defense. The key is to detoxify the body, and the water and fat get flushed out, and the weight problem takes care of itself! Here at LIVING WATER Natural Healing & Health Solutions, we offer a full body detoxification program starting with Colon Hydrotherapy (colonics) Infrared Sauna, and more.

Although there are other reasons for weight retention, these we have discussed are some of the main reasons.

Again, if you are trying to deal with a weight issue, you should seek the cause not the symptom! If we can help, please don’t hesitate to call on us! We can usually locate the cause!


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